Mar 27, 2009

concept refinement

Here's a detour.
changed things abit, shopped things around. still trying to find a good look.

Mar 24, 2009

wip 06

hi, some more stuff. the armpit wings things are not really working out, so i took em out . not sure whether i should keep em. prolly sketch a better silhouette and stuff. yay

Mar 22, 2009

More updates


Here are a bunch more grabs. I'd say it's a mash up of spawn the godslayer and some kamen rider enemy.

Mar 21, 2009

Demon Prince Update 21/3

here a quick z grab. ring designs on armour represents the nine levels of hell. I wish i could subdivide more, but i think my pc's gonna only let me go this far.

really stupid of me to cut the body there. ah well.

Mar 20, 2009

Demon prince


War is finally here! I thought I do a test run of a demon prince character.
pencil, ink, cleaned up in PS.

concept art

Zbrush WIP

base in maya, preliminart sculpt in z, retopo and cleanup in maya, z clean sculpt

Mar 19, 2009


My entry for udon's darstalker's tribute that didn't get in. fortunately my second submission did. Hope to post that up soon.


Mar 3, 2009


Sculptures is something i picked up a couple of years back and I never really turned back since. I only wish I had more private time to really learn and get better at this craft.

Below are works compiled from a span of almost 3 years plus.










Personal 3D work and exploration

Machine Flesh

Attempted to combine zbrush, maya and photoshop painting for a quicker illustration solution.

Tin Man

My early exploration with generated normal maps via high poly low poly work flow for game production.

3D course work at the one academy

Here are artworks I did as part of my digital animation course in the one academy. They are arranged chronologically in my almost 3 year course.

First 3d assignment, Maya Temple

Warhammer 40k land speeder

Abandoned Home