Nov 12, 2009


I finnaly remembered to post this up.
this was my submission to UDON's Darkstalkers Tribute.
I am really happy it got into the book :)
but anyway, this competition is like ages ago.

Oct 25, 2009

This is hillarious

more here

Stargate Commissions

Hi all, here are pics of one of my commission work with a very very patient client. He wanted two stargate figures with an arm out.

The first char, Serpent Guard.

Second char, Horus Guard

Oct 21, 2009

Sculptor Highlight

I've never really felt this strong to highlight a sculptor before, there are many great ones out there. but i was looking through myspace (best place to find sculptor IMHO) and i stumbled upon this wonderful artist.

her name is Virginie Ropars, i believe from france.

Her pieces have the most sensual expression and natural gestures i have ever seen. the lines a complimentary and her clutter is stunning and full of detail.

a sample of her work to convince you

heres her myspace, you can see her impressive work there.

Oct 20, 2009

Aimee Man

Listen to this, may it connect to the deepest part of your soul. And after that maybe we can sing it together in a garden of magnolias.

Thank you youtube user Elenita Rodrigues for making this video available.

Oct 16, 2009

Less sculpting = sad

Adjusting to work has been challenging, i am putting less time into personal sculpting.
here are a few of the lil things here and there that i did with some of the free time i had.
i wish i could show you my commission work, but approval of disclosure is still pending.

happy sculpting everyone!

Oct 7, 2009

Part 1 Conceptual Sketch and Mood Board

All artworks come from an idea. I sat down and wrote a short list of things i wanted to see in my sculpture. I was also strongly inspired by beautiful horse anatomy work done by Caryln. in fact, her sketches will be very useful during the sculpting process.

I worked with a prismacolor marker and worked pretty quick. just sketched it out and decided to go with a rather helmet tipping pose.

The key words i worked with were
- quadroped
- flesh
- cape
- hollow torso
- manly face

Next was to come up with a quick mood board or reference sheet, i looked up on some male anatomy, horse anatomy, so elven armor for texture, and other misc pictures.

The goal is to have quick visual cues for yourself to inspire and to visually develop your concept. My mood board is very very loose, so you can make your as expansive as you like, just make sure all the items fall together harmoniously.

Its worth to take your time at this step, but dont necessarily overthink things. Just bear in mind that they are visual ques, not in depth descriptions or a biography of your concept.


Conceptual Figurative Sculpting Mini Course V.1

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting Mini Course V.1

Ok. so i have given this much thought. To come up with a basic outline for a subject in traditional sculpting, that is not only efficient time wise, but also beneficial and compatible in a modern day industry.

SO for the next few weeks, i will update this blog as diligently as i can, highlighting the workflow and steps taken in this pseudo online tutorial/course.

I feel i should start with the core outline of this course by explaining this point,

"why even bother to learn traditional sculpting?"

My Answer

Sculpting in general, is the art of rendering a sensual concept ( your mind, idea, soul ) into a physical artwork that stimulates your senses and enter your walking, living space.

No other physical matter based artform present, can grant such the viewer such an experience.

But sculpting like many artforms is a broad subject, with many respective sub styles. They branch out from visual sculpting to audial sculpting.

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting is created to bridge the past and the present. To use the practice of traditional sculpting as a conceptual and artistic aid in the development and improvement of an artist and his work.

Practicing traditional sculpting teaches you form through touching, through feeling, it teaches you light and shadow by giving you a tangible item to reflect light from and to cast shadow from more importantly, it gives you the feeling and experience of being in presence with a tangible and physical artwork. To understand what gives a concept presence and to understand how an interesting form can breath life.

Course Guide

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting will start of with a loose sketch of a concept, preferably a figurative concept, example a character, a creature an entitiy. The sketch should be intentionally loose, as the intention of the course is to use the sculpture as a creative fallback in creation of the final piece. I would try to keep the flow as non-linear as possible, jumping occasionally from sculpting to referencing ( texture, look, pose, etc ) without sacrificing too much time, I believe an artwork should be as fun and organic as possible, but also not a waste of time.

So here the general workflow

- 2D conceptual phase
rough sketch
mood board

- 3D conceptual phase
clay prep
armarture build

- 3D execution phase
ribbing and raking
texturing/ detailing

- 3D Presentation phase
priming and painting

Tune in soon for updates, if you want to join me in this project or have any questions, just drop me a line on my gmail, msn

Oct 6, 2009

Sad Man

i enjoyed painting this, been doing alot of overjoyous things at work.
Solemn and sad things always makes me feel better.

About an hour, photoshop.

La Roux

This band is really cool. check em out.


Oct 5, 2009

Flower Girl

quick one done at work

Sep 27, 2009

Extracting Channels

Hello everyone,

Here is a tutorial on how to extract channels from normal maps. My previous tutorial was rather vague, so i hope this is better.
I am not sure whether there are other ways to do this, but this has been a technique that has
been working for me for awhile. Hope this helps!

You can save the .tga texture i have posted here to try it out if you don't have a normal map handy. Bear in mind that only .tga files have the right channels to extract.
.jpegs will flatten your channels out, leaving then unusable.

Download my sample normal map here

You are my Sun

Your woman is your Sun
She shines ever so brightly
and lights up every crack
on your barren life.

To close, and you will be burned
To far, and you will be cold

Realize that you are but a singular object
Revolving at her pull, her desire.
You are to share her light,
and not desire it for yourself.

You are only as close as you dare to be,
bare your heart honestly,
but take care of her flames that will engulf it.

For her surface is volatile
It erupts and crackles at a moments notice
He ray may bring life and joy,
but it may also incinerate.

My woman is my sun,
and my sun is my life.
She shines every so magnificently
and lights up the pieces of my heart
and for every part that is lit,
there are those which are shadowed

Sep 25, 2009

Diffuse from normals

Hi everyone,
Here is a little breakdown of using normal maps to help create diffuse/color maps for your model. My example here was a normal map baked from my high poly spawn, but i ended up not using my normals, but made benefit from it via my texture map.

So just by isolating your green and blue channels in Photoshop, you can get very valuable lighting and crevice information to help you in your texturing process.


Sep 17, 2009


Hi people,
painting done at work.

Sep 15, 2009

Mini Spawn

Here's a low poly spawn i am making during my free time.

updates soon i hope

Apr 22, 2009

Old Sketches

Scanned my old sketches, and also some from my team's animation project : Code Red
link for updates --> code red

Sketchbook dump 2 + Drink n Draw

Some more sketches from drink and draw session at italiannies, Sunway Pyramid with crazy company :)

Title was "Subtle yet Direct"

crazy ass fun just eating, chatting and drawing.

Watchmen caricatures, i did Minutemen too. but they were too crappy.

Puking Penis , cock feet and tongue job

Some surreal thing, snake has a slit mouth.

Masturbation, man's great past time

Glass man, the only substantial "subtle but direct" entry from me. I had in mind a character with very strong and potruding silhouette, but be build out of soft and rounded forms. An artist also pointed out that glass was hard yet fragile. so yeah.

Apr 8, 2009

Sketchbook dump

Some sketches i worked on

Epic battle scene. Paladin night with thunder hammer, Warhammer inspired

Speed sketch with friends, title was "beauty". I sketch a feminin character because I felt that that was what beauty represented.

"he went that way!"

Anatomy practice

Anatomy sketches

Bone dragon, real quick one with a marker when i was bored.

Mar 27, 2009

concept refinement

Here's a detour.
changed things abit, shopped things around. still trying to find a good look.

Mar 24, 2009

wip 06

hi, some more stuff. the armpit wings things are not really working out, so i took em out . not sure whether i should keep em. prolly sketch a better silhouette and stuff. yay

Mar 22, 2009

More updates


Here are a bunch more grabs. I'd say it's a mash up of spawn the godslayer and some kamen rider enemy.

Mar 21, 2009

Demon Prince Update 21/3

here a quick z grab. ring designs on armour represents the nine levels of hell. I wish i could subdivide more, but i think my pc's gonna only let me go this far.

really stupid of me to cut the body there. ah well.

Mar 20, 2009

Demon prince


War is finally here! I thought I do a test run of a demon prince character.
pencil, ink, cleaned up in PS.

concept art

Zbrush WIP

base in maya, preliminart sculpt in z, retopo and cleanup in maya, z clean sculpt

Mar 19, 2009


My entry for udon's darstalker's tribute that didn't get in. fortunately my second submission did. Hope to post that up soon.


Mar 3, 2009


Sculptures is something i picked up a couple of years back and I never really turned back since. I only wish I had more private time to really learn and get better at this craft.

Below are works compiled from a span of almost 3 years plus.