Sep 27, 2009

Extracting Channels

Hello everyone,

Here is a tutorial on how to extract channels from normal maps. My previous tutorial was rather vague, so i hope this is better.
I am not sure whether there are other ways to do this, but this has been a technique that has
been working for me for awhile. Hope this helps!

You can save the .tga texture i have posted here to try it out if you don't have a normal map handy. Bear in mind that only .tga files have the right channels to extract.
.jpegs will flatten your channels out, leaving then unusable.

Download my sample normal map here

You are my Sun

Your woman is your Sun
She shines ever so brightly
and lights up every crack
on your barren life.

To close, and you will be burned
To far, and you will be cold

Realize that you are but a singular object
Revolving at her pull, her desire.
You are to share her light,
and not desire it for yourself.

You are only as close as you dare to be,
bare your heart honestly,
but take care of her flames that will engulf it.

For her surface is volatile
It erupts and crackles at a moments notice
He ray may bring life and joy,
but it may also incinerate.

My woman is my sun,
and my sun is my life.
She shines every so magnificently
and lights up the pieces of my heart
and for every part that is lit,
there are those which are shadowed

Sep 25, 2009

Diffuse from normals

Hi everyone,
Here is a little breakdown of using normal maps to help create diffuse/color maps for your model. My example here was a normal map baked from my high poly spawn, but i ended up not using my normals, but made benefit from it via my texture map.

So just by isolating your green and blue channels in Photoshop, you can get very valuable lighting and crevice information to help you in your texturing process.


Sep 17, 2009


Hi people,
painting done at work.

Sep 15, 2009

Mini Spawn

Here's a low poly spawn i am making during my free time.

updates soon i hope