Aug 30, 2010

Student List for Sculpture class of September 2010


Hey everyone, thanx for registering, it makes it so much easier for me to keep track.
as i said before, i only have 11 packs of sculpey available for class room use. I am trying to source for more, so if there are still anymore of you who are interested to join, do email me. and we will try to work this out.

Look forward to seeing you guys this Thursday :)

1) Nicholas Quek 0708097DG78-1

2) Wong Yong Taik

3) Samuel Wong

4) Hue Jia Yung

5) Name: Benjamin Cheong
Class: DG078-1
Index: 0708084

6) Name: Shane Shukri
Index no. : 0901146
Class : DG0901-1

7) name : Wong hui chinClass : Dg781Index : 0708062

8) Yutoshi Hirai from DG78-1

9) Name: Lee Yoke Hee
Class : DG0905-2
Index: 0901114

10)Name: Wong May San
Index: 0805118
Class: DG088-1

0708099, dg078-1

Aug 29, 2010

To all Students!

Hey everyone News Flash!,

i've just checked my supply of Super Sculpey and i realize that i
only have 11 packs of Sculpey available.

i'm calling up Craft Haven tomorrow to check if they have any more. last i remembered i sapu-ed their entire stock.

if not, you guys will have to try and source your self, i will update this blog often, as well as my facebook. i will post it up here if i manage to scour any more packs of sculpey.

So far i have 8 students that have registered, so that's a remaining 3 packs of Sculpey available.

  1. Nicholas Quek 0708097DG78-1
  2. Wong Yong Taik
  3. Samuel Wong
  4. Hue Jia Yung
  5. Name: Benjamin Cheong
    Class: DG078-1
    Index: 0708084
  6. Name : Shane Shukri bin Iskandar
    Index no. : 0901146
    Class : DG0901-1
  7. name : Wong hui chinClass : Dg781Index : 0708062
  8. Yutoshi Hirai from DG78-1

So those who are interested please email me. that way i know how many that are planning to attend.

Aug 27, 2010

Sculpture Class Brief (class of September 2010)

Hello everyone!

and congratulations for signing up or the first intake of sculpture students!

Your first class starts in 2nd September.
followed by three other classes every Thursday

9th Sept

16th Sept

23rd Sept

Before you go off and start sculpting, you will need a good reference of your model.
go to cg sites and forums and look for appropriate orthographic reference.
I googled up "model sheet" and these are what i found.

I want you guys to look for a reference that has a good front side and back views,
aswell as a clear drawing, not some unknown sketch.

Also be modest! don't take a design so complicated no one would even try to sculpt.
find art that you like but also feel that you can pull off.

Here are some sculpture web links that i go to, to get inspired. Hope it does the same for you :)
Shiflett Brothers
Statue Forum
Joseph Tsang
Steve Wang

Here are a number of examples, feel free to present to me all ranges of design, from cute, grotesque, creature, human, mech.


after i have approved of the design, you can go ahead and print them out.


So just a friendly reminder once again,

1) Look for reference
2) email me the reference
3) Print the reference to the size of the sculpture you want to sculpt
4) Prepare money to purchase tools and clay from me
5) don't forget to come to class

If you have anymore concerns, pop me an email or give me a pm at facebook.

Aug 25, 2010

Sculpting Class @ The One Academy

Hellow fellow readers, especially Digital Animation students at The One Academy,
i'm opening up a short course on sculpting every month, and a new intake starts this september.

Unfortunately this course is only exclusive to Digital Animation students at the One,

however, if there is a response to have classes outside the institution, i will definitely work on that.

There will be a preview tomorrow (i know short notice right) at room F4 at the One.
so whoever is around town and is interested to get a glimpse before participating can attend the introduction class.

it will be a short intro, bout an hour or two.
from 10am till noon, then we can have lunch? :)

cheers everyone!

Aug 2, 2010

Koating my Kancil pt 3

Hi Everyone, been taking some orders for the kancil, those of you who ordered, i really appreciate it!

as a thank you, here are some shop pics, pics taken by my lovely gf with her new awesome Lumix.

paints that i used, Citadel and Tamiya Acrylics.

One customer wanted the default color scheme.

It's weird to see two of the same color scheme, haha. gay brothers or something.

Here's a special blue one for another customer. He wanted a custom color scheme. Hope he likes it!

A gold/Bronze version for the principal of my college as a thank you gift thing.

Here's a line up- left to right,

Gold - TOA gift
Blue - custom paint
Default 1 - My personal piece
Default 2 - Customer ordered
Grey 1 - Customer ordered
Grey 2 - Customer ordered
Raw - Customer ordered
White - the original sculpey sculpt!

i've given away three sculptures already previously. would be cool to see a massive line up of all of them. but i will be sending them off this week to their new homes :) maybe a new sculpt in the future. haha.


Inception Workshop Pics

How was everyone's weekend?
I've been busy in shop casting totems and kancils :)

Picture of it in action at my friends birthday/farewell party :)

Here's how it all started, brass rod with circular plastic sheet attached.

added an extension with bent metal wire.

glued in place.

padded with wire to give some clamping area for the epoxy.

padded with epoxy for the initial form block in, and after hours of sanding with my dremel and sand paper, we get a spin top!

sorry for lack(more like zero) of pictures at the sanding phase, it was just too hands on to stop for pics.

and thank you all the friends who are supporting this endeavor by purchasing the totems!

happy dreaming :D