Oct 23, 2012

Paul Sculpture

A photographer friend took a wonderful photo of my Paul sculpture, couldn't resist showing it off.

The Tower

The Tower
A wandering monument, grand in vision but frail in composition. To reach higher would be to cannibalise itself. It drags it's foundation along empty sands, fading under the desert winds. If only to be renewed once again.

Oct 19, 2012


Polymer clay sculpture, 12 inches tall, fabric costume and tunic, working led lamp.

Photography by Vincent Chan

Oct 4, 2012

The Judge

I had the opportunity to give a small sharing at The One Academy for the Animation students there.
My topic was "The Judge", a walk through presentation of a three phase production process.

The final sample animation

Raw animation

Credit goes to the wonderful organizers at the Animation department there.

Some concept art

Trophy Sculpture

Near complete clay sculpture

Base idea

Sculpture concept

Concept art

A while back I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to create a unique trophy. Only ten was ever made, and was casted from gold pigmented resin.

It was a real challenge as i only had 3 odd weeks to sculpt cast and finish the 10 pieces. Fortunately I had a generous client who offered help with the base and packing.