Sep 27, 2010

Garreth the Silver Edge of Ga'Hoole

Finally can wrap this up, hoo'ray!

some back story....

After the triumphant battle
where the Guardians once again
defeated the malevolent Metal Beak,

Peace did not last long,
as a new terror, in the form of
massive and unnumbered serpentine
wave appeared.

The Great Snakes, or the Chorndrea,
lurked within the deep dark cool
caves, striking silently at first, before
openly waging war on the Owls of Ga’Hoole.

Garreth is the first of the Silver Clads,
An elite group of Guardian owls
retrofitted with silver forged weaponary.
He is the Silver Edge, mystical silver
talons replace his birth claws, making
his strikes severely effective.

Garreth chases a lone Chorndrea into a pit,
unbeknownst to him, an entire army awaits!
Can he escape to warn the other Guardians?

Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoowwyeahhhh

Hey everyone, here an update of my LOTG submission, i feel it's about 95% done, with just 2 more days to the deadline, i'm gonna submit very very soon!

Finished owl model with partial uv and texture ( armor is using procedural textured shaders )

Early test render of shaders

model the enemies, some bad ass pythons, this here is already rigged as well as shaded.

Owl rigged, and set up the composition, i wanted a look of the owl sweeping down to get a python, and greeted by a whole army of hissing pythons. all pissed off.

early lighting test, my poor pc. all those feathers!

Below is a 95 % shiok render comp, showed some of the passes i used as well, but seriously, there was much work in photoshop for color balance, hue saturation, detail touch up, etc.

probably tweak abit more, cheers everyone and good luck to all that are joining!

and just watched the movie this afternoon, is HOOTINGG AWESOMEE
HOOT HOOT HOOT! i wanna so mate with that evil owlsss

Sep 5, 2010

3D owl

Hi everyone,

taking a break of sculpey clay, and working on some digital clay :)

about 4 hours work, getting this mesh out, feathers are just proxies.