Apr 18, 2010

Legion is Done!

Hi all, hope you enjoyed the process of making this, is sure did. Used some new techniques and they are very rewarding!

So here are some specs,

  • 7 1/2 inches height, base is 2 inches
  • Has a light up eye, with switch embedded in base
  • Custom base - the works

In this project, we've learnt :

  • Accurate measurement armatures
  • Measured thickness and proportions
  • Telescopic armatures
  • built in LED
  • Rifle scratch build
  • awesomeness of dremel, yay!
ok, enough talk. here's the final pic -


  1. WOW!!! this is Awesome! i was touch by your Passion on sculpting :) the wip was inspiring and motivating,the final was cool :) Great job!!!

  2. Thanks Sern!
    i was wondering do you have a blog or anything like that?

  3. Nope , i do not have a personal blog , but u can visit our team's blog http://www.passionrepublic.com/html/
    Btw , i do enjoy reading your write up abut the sculpting master class , must be fun!

  4. Oooo, you're from passion is it. I used to hang around Aik Sern's classes in TOA, are you the same Sern? haha