May 21, 2010

PIXAR Sculpting Class in Singapore Science Centre

Wooh, just got back from Singapore from a short but informative stay there. I attended the PIXAR Sculpting Masterclass, but wouldn't really call it a masterclas since it was only 4 hours long.

It's a shame really, the sculptor present, Jerome Ranft is a veteran sculptor and pixar staff, and in his brief time with us, managed to share a good load of stories and ideologies supporting his career and art. Plus, he was a really nice person, a hearty guy who enjoys eating! I really wish it was an intensive 3 day course.

We were all assigned to create a sculpture bust during that session, and 4 hours is definitely not enough! all i managed to do is make a quick armature and block out the general shape of the sculpt.

But i've learned a good fare of things from this, and i can't wait to share all the emotions behind the sculpting at pixar. Bear with me as i will try to post up pics of the sculpt i did there soon.

cheers and happy sculpting!

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