Jun 28, 2010

First Conceptual Sculpture Class

Hi Everyone :)

Last saturday we had a really fun sculpting session, alot of people turned up with sculpey, industrial clay (bleckh) and tools.

we learnt alot, and i sure had alot of fun. it's nice to see so many people interested in this artform!

unfortunately i had to leave early, so i couldnt stay to see their final sculpt. i'm hoping you guys will continue working on it, and post it up for everyone to see! :D

as i see it, alot of you have a knack at sculpting, i hope you realize this and more more cool stuff :)

anyway here are the pics! ( thank you Hooi Ling for taking these )

That's me in blue btw, i really like this picture cos it doesn't show my face.

An to top it all off, they collectively bought me a sweet Toy Story 3 artbook :) haha, thanks you guys! you rock!

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