Mar 2, 2011

Hot Toys Falconer Custom

I recently been hooked with Hot Toys, a lethal hook indeed.
I've been eyeing the falconer for some time now, and i'm glad i finally settled on purchasing it.

one of the things i was eager to try out was customizing the head of this figure.
You see, the masked falconer is unmaskable. BUT, the original head sculpt of the Berserker ( a previous version of the same series ) is still intact, just unpainted.

So, with a little elbow grease and heat gun ingenuity, i managed to removed the bio ( predator mask for you non pred geeks ) unharmed.

had, to remove some excess plastic, bla bla, pics below.

Do remember that i just re-sculpted the head and mandibles with green stuff, i am no where as talented as the great Joseph Tsang and his team who made this original piece.


1 comment:

  1. Man, what a great sculpt! Makes him look totally evil and more bad-ass than the Berserker! LOL