Mar 20, 2011

Raven Spawn

Hey guys, just wrapped this up.


Mar 8, 2011

Raven Spawn WIP 02

small update, night people.

Mar 6, 2011

Raven Spawn WIP 01

Hi everyone,

i am a big fan of Todd Mcfarlane's spawn, i've been collecting his toys since i was a kid. Generally i don't do fan sculpts because they intimidate me too much. haha, the idea of recreating an idolized figure always scares me.

alas, with the lack of spawn figures these days, i thought i'd give spawn a go. i chose Raven Spawn as it is my favorite of designs.

currently the body is about done, i'm blocking in the head. hope to finish this in the end of the month.

for those of you who don'y know what Raven spawn looks like.

Left, Raven Spawn series 21
Right, Raven Spawn series 25

Mar 2, 2011

Hot Toys Falconer Custom

I recently been hooked with Hot Toys, a lethal hook indeed.
I've been eyeing the falconer for some time now, and i'm glad i finally settled on purchasing it.

one of the things i was eager to try out was customizing the head of this figure.
You see, the masked falconer is unmaskable. BUT, the original head sculpt of the Berserker ( a previous version of the same series ) is still intact, just unpainted.

So, with a little elbow grease and heat gun ingenuity, i managed to removed the bio ( predator mask for you non pred geeks ) unharmed.

had, to remove some excess plastic, bla bla, pics below.

Do remember that i just re-sculpted the head and mandibles with green stuff, i am no where as talented as the great Joseph Tsang and his team who made this original piece.


Mar 1, 2011

Frost Titan

My entry for Phantasy Core
results will be out soon, hope i win!