Oct 7, 2009

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting Mini Course V.1

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting Mini Course V.1

Ok. so i have given this much thought. To come up with a basic outline for a subject in traditional sculpting, that is not only efficient time wise, but also beneficial and compatible in a modern day industry.

SO for the next few weeks, i will update this blog as diligently as i can, highlighting the workflow and steps taken in this pseudo online tutorial/course.

I feel i should start with the core outline of this course by explaining this point,

"why even bother to learn traditional sculpting?"

My Answer

Sculpting in general, is the art of rendering a sensual concept ( your mind, idea, soul ) into a physical artwork that stimulates your senses and enter your walking, living space.

No other physical matter based artform present, can grant such the viewer such an experience.

But sculpting like many artforms is a broad subject, with many respective sub styles. They branch out from visual sculpting to audial sculpting.

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting is created to bridge the past and the present. To use the practice of traditional sculpting as a conceptual and artistic aid in the development and improvement of an artist and his work.

Practicing traditional sculpting teaches you form through touching, through feeling, it teaches you light and shadow by giving you a tangible item to reflect light from and to cast shadow from more importantly, it gives you the feeling and experience of being in presence with a tangible and physical artwork. To understand what gives a concept presence and to understand how an interesting form can breath life.

Course Guide

Conceptual Figurative Sculpting will start of with a loose sketch of a concept, preferably a figurative concept, example a character, a creature an entitiy. The sketch should be intentionally loose, as the intention of the course is to use the sculpture as a creative fallback in creation of the final piece. I would try to keep the flow as non-linear as possible, jumping occasionally from sculpting to referencing ( texture, look, pose, etc ) without sacrificing too much time, I believe an artwork should be as fun and organic as possible, but also not a waste of time.

So here the general workflow

- 2D conceptual phase
rough sketch
mood board

- 3D conceptual phase
clay prep
armarture build

- 3D execution phase
ribbing and raking
texturing/ detailing

- 3D Presentation phase
priming and painting

Tune in soon for updates, if you want to join me in this project or have any questions, just drop me a line on my gmail jaroldsng@gmail.com, msn jaroldsng880@msn.com.


  1. I joins, will post up mah sheez by work end. Did you know apples had a stalk?! crazy init!?