Oct 7, 2009

Part 1 Conceptual Sketch and Mood Board

All artworks come from an idea. I sat down and wrote a short list of things i wanted to see in my sculpture. I was also strongly inspired by beautiful horse anatomy work done by Caryln. in fact, her sketches will be very useful during the sculpting process.

I worked with a prismacolor marker and worked pretty quick. just sketched it out and decided to go with a rather helmet tipping pose.

The key words i worked with were
- quadroped
- flesh
- cape
- hollow torso
- manly face

Next was to come up with a quick mood board or reference sheet, i looked up on some male anatomy, horse anatomy, so elven armor for texture, and other misc pictures.

The goal is to have quick visual cues for yourself to inspire and to visually develop your concept. My mood board is very very loose, so you can make your as expansive as you like, just make sure all the items fall together harmoniously.

Its worth to take your time at this step, but dont necessarily overthink things. Just bear in mind that they are visual ques, not in depth descriptions or a biography of your concept.


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