Mar 21, 2010

Blocking : Legion Part III

Alright, in this part we're going to learn about clay blocking. Blocking is the first stage where the initial form is sketched onto the sculpture.

We will be aiming to nail all the proportion issues here, width length, roundness, angles, cuts, etc.

So instead of doing this with only our eyes as judgment, we will use a tool called measuring calipers.

Now these are professional calipers, i have no idea where to get them in Malaysia, but we can opt for other substitutes,

like using and old geometry set compass,

The usage of the compass is simple, based on your 1:1 reference sheet, make a measurement with your caliper, and compare it with your sculpt.

Repeat this throughout you sculpting process to check proportional issues, Calipers can be used to compare limb lengths as well ( left arm/right arm) to ensure a balanced anatomy.

So, continue measuring and blocking, start by building up representational "bridges" of clay to define the main mass before filling up the gaps.

If you noticed, i build up my sculptures using small bits of clay, these are booger sized bits that i press on to my sculpt to gradually build up size.

This is a popular method for veteran traditional sculptors. Stan Winston was taught to practice this method. The benefits is that you have maximum control of how your form grows, allowing a gradual and controlled creation of form.

Happy Sculpting!

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