Mar 15, 2010

Portrait Sculpture

Just finished this one, expanding portfolio to portrait works.


  1. I am impressed.....mainly because its of me. Great work! I haven't gotten it from my brother in law yet, he's not getting here for another week. But it is seriously awesome!

  2. whoa, you got a blog just to comment here? haha, cheers man! i will be handing it over to him soon. so hope you like when you receive the real thing!

  3. Just thought I'd let you know that the paint you used on the 'wires' hasn't dried properly and is sticky. It doesn't come off when you touch it, its just sticky to touch.

  4. Hi jack,
    i'm sorry about that. must be a reaction with the acrylics and the rubber wires.
    i will be more careful the next time, maybe use enamel paints instead.

    thank you for your understanding!