Jul 12, 2010

Kasting up my Kancil Pt1

Here are some early casting pics, wips for the first part.
will go to Vision tomorrow to get more plasticin and wood board to prep up the main piece. so far i've prepped the A part moulds for the hands.

each part will have a A and B part mould. So a lot of work up ahead!

1) started of by cutting the hands of, these will be separate moulds.

2) planned area for the right hand, the red marker indicates the area of silicon, and also the air vents (outlets) for the resin.

3) laid a large slab of plasticine (white) on to my wood board. this is the base of my mould.

4) cut it to shape

5) making sure my clay has good contact to the sculpture, priority is that roughly half of the sculpture is submerged into clay, and submerged across the median of the sculpture.

6) added some clay near the edges where the sculpture is in contact with clay, and brushed on some glass cleaner to smooth things.

7) Decided to trim more clay off. (this means i will use less silicone, cause it's so expensive)

8) Here i'm using a modified loop tool, to cut grooves into the clay.

9) Me cutting the grooves, it's like a gutter all around the perimeter of your sculpture, it will hold hold the two parts of mould together.

10) My gutter groove complete, i also pressed some key slots into the clay using a back end of my loop tool.

11) here i'm building the wall using regular foam boards. You can get these for a few ringgit for an A3 sheet.

12) The foam boards are glued onto the wood board using hot glue.

13) Foam board should envelope the entire plasticine base.

14) Make sure you put alot of hot glue on all the exposed edges on the outside. We don't want any leakage happening.

15) as you can see, lot's of hot glue

16) Here's a nice trick to speed up your workflow, after you applied your hot glue, take an air freshener spray can and spray some of it onto the glue, air fresheners have a cooling factor, so it helps speed up the cooling process. This way you can work faster, and make your workshop smell better haha.

17) i'm starting on the other hand

18) This time i'm adding a mound of clay right under the palm of the hand sculpture.

19) Spread your clay evenly. make sure there are no gaps.

20) the fingers are tricky, make sure there are no gaps.

21) same as before, i cut some grooves along the perimeter and indented some locking keys.

22) The part A mold prepwork is done!, off to bed and get some silicone soon :D

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