Jul 17, 2010

Kasting up my Kancil Pt3

Hi Everyone, sorry about the delay with this post, have been caught up with work during the week :)

Here's are the latest pics of my casting progress,

After two days of curing, i tested the surface to make sure my silicone was bouncy and firm.

broke off my foam walls, excitedly.

You can see here the plasticine layer stuck onto the silicone mold.

Gently peeled off the plasticine base.
This gave me a fright as the silicone areas touching the plasticine were very sticky and slightly mushy, almost feels like uncured silicone.
i tried to wipe it dry with soap water but that didn't work. I believe the silicone had a chemical reaction with this type of plasticine. apparently a forum member also noted the same, it was apparently due to the sulfur content in some plasticine.

Read more for we can solve this problem :)

Here is the raw outcome of the silicone. As you can see there are bits of plasticine everywhere, lodged into all the small corners.

Peeled off the other mold.

This one had more plasticine stuck on it.

Started removing the main mold, why i had to wait two days was because the surface of this silicone took longer to cure, it might be an error during the catalyst mixing, but fortunately it cured eventually.

Same as the first, plasticine stuck onto the mold.

Peeling it off, this orange plasticine is better because it didn't react to the silicone like the white one.

If there is no chemical reaction, the outcome of the silicone surface should be matte and dry, maybe just a little oily from plasticine residue. Read more for we can solve this problem :)

i removed large bits of plasticine with tweezers.

And here's a tip i found online on removing plasticine residue, use your store bought lighter fluid, the kind for Zippo lighters.

Squirt some on a cotton bud and swiftly wipe the excess clay off.

for larger areas, use a large brush and squirt a good amount of lighter fluid. The fluid should not react to sculpey in any way. but if you are using other forms of clay like Chavant, do test first before trying.

By using the lighter fluid, i also cleaned up the smaller molds with the plasticine problem. i used up quite a lot of fluid to clean off the chemical residue, and it took overnight to fully dry aswell. But i'm definitely relieved to have an ok mold.

After this point, my weekend was over and i had to get back to work, haha! So just earlier today i bought some silicone, and continued molding the other half.

I started off by rebuilding new walls out of foam.

with some vaseline and a brush ready, i brushed a light but even coat of vaseline unto the silicone surface.

You have to be careful and try to avoid brushing on the sculpture itself, as it will affect the final surface of your pull.

This step is very important. make sure you are careful and thorough with the vaseline application. if not, you'll get parts of silicone from the first half sticking to your second half. resulting in a mess!

Applying to the smaller molds.

I poured the silicone over the existing molds the same way i did before. now just pray and wait :)

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