Aug 25, 2010

Sculpting Class @ The One Academy

Hellow fellow readers, especially Digital Animation students at The One Academy,
i'm opening up a short course on sculpting every month, and a new intake starts this september.

Unfortunately this course is only exclusive to Digital Animation students at the One,

however, if there is a response to have classes outside the institution, i will definitely work on that.

There will be a preview tomorrow (i know short notice right) at room F4 at the One.
so whoever is around town and is interested to get a glimpse before participating can attend the introduction class.

it will be a short intro, bout an hour or two.
from 10am till noon, then we can have lunch? :)

cheers everyone!


  1. hi...jarold, I'm Yong Taik from batch 75 of digital animation student, i wonder is there still any place for me to join the class? if yes i can bring my own tools and clay, and i would like to get the wires if it is convenient for you to help up with...
    by the way, is every session same lecture? if yes i will just go for 1 session and leave the chances to others...
    and thanks for the sessions! thanks for contributing so much...

  2. hey man,

    sure there a place for you! but i must request that you get a pack of super sculpey from me. i want to implement that all sculptures be baked and finished.

    every session is 4 classes, every month there is a new session. each week i will guide you step by step on finishing your masterpiece!

    and yes, wire and wire cutter i will provide, so don't worry!

    just please try to get the sculpey from me!

  3. and one more thing, email me your questions man. so easier for me to check :)