Aug 29, 2010

To all Students!

Hey everyone News Flash!,

i've just checked my supply of Super Sculpey and i realize that i
only have 11 packs of Sculpey available.

i'm calling up Craft Haven tomorrow to check if they have any more. last i remembered i sapu-ed their entire stock.

if not, you guys will have to try and source your self, i will update this blog often, as well as my facebook. i will post it up here if i manage to scour any more packs of sculpey.

So far i have 8 students that have registered, so that's a remaining 3 packs of Sculpey available.

  1. Nicholas Quek 0708097DG78-1
  2. Wong Yong Taik
  3. Samuel Wong
  4. Hue Jia Yung
  5. Name: Benjamin Cheong
    Class: DG078-1
    Index: 0708084
  6. Name : Shane Shukri bin Iskandar
    Index no. : 0901146
    Class : DG0901-1
  7. name : Wong hui chinClass : Dg781Index : 0708062
  8. Yutoshi Hirai from DG78-1

So those who are interested please email me. that way i know how many that are planning to attend.

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