Aug 30, 2010

Student List for Sculpture class of September 2010


Hey everyone, thanx for registering, it makes it so much easier for me to keep track.
as i said before, i only have 11 packs of sculpey available for class room use. I am trying to source for more, so if there are still anymore of you who are interested to join, do email me. and we will try to work this out.

Look forward to seeing you guys this Thursday :)

1) Nicholas Quek 0708097DG78-1

2) Wong Yong Taik

3) Samuel Wong

4) Hue Jia Yung

5) Name: Benjamin Cheong
Class: DG078-1
Index: 0708084

6) Name: Shane Shukri
Index no. : 0901146
Class : DG0901-1

7) name : Wong hui chinClass : Dg781Index : 0708062

8) Yutoshi Hirai from DG78-1

9) Name: Lee Yoke Hee
Class : DG0905-2
Index: 0901114

10)Name: Wong May San
Index: 0805118
Class: DG088-1

0708099, dg078-1

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