Aug 2, 2010

Koating my Kancil pt 3

Hi Everyone, been taking some orders for the kancil, those of you who ordered, i really appreciate it!

as a thank you, here are some shop pics, pics taken by my lovely gf with her new awesome Lumix.

paints that i used, Citadel and Tamiya Acrylics.

One customer wanted the default color scheme.

It's weird to see two of the same color scheme, haha. gay brothers or something.

Here's a special blue one for another customer. He wanted a custom color scheme. Hope he likes it!

A gold/Bronze version for the principal of my college as a thank you gift thing.

Here's a line up- left to right,

Gold - TOA gift
Blue - custom paint
Default 1 - My personal piece
Default 2 - Customer ordered
Grey 1 - Customer ordered
Grey 2 - Customer ordered
Raw - Customer ordered
White - the original sculpey sculpt!

i've given away three sculptures already previously. would be cool to see a massive line up of all of them. but i will be sending them off this week to their new homes :) maybe a new sculpt in the future. haha.



  1. wow! totally love how you did all of this in progress! thats super awesome! :) i like the blue and the purple one... :) awesome job yo! getting better and better ^^b

  2. thanx teh o :)
    i just went bat shot with the purple one, we call it our radioactive kancil.
    thank you, i appreciate it!